How to migrate mailboxes with MigrationWiz

This article will guide you through the process of migrating mailboxes via the iiNet Mailbox Migration Portal for MigrationWiz.

Please note: You'll need to have already created your mailboxes via the Hosting Control Panel before proceeding with this guide.

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel, select your MigrationWiz subscription  


  2. Click Mail Migration.  


  3. The Mailbox Migration Portal will load. Click Next to begin migrating.
  4. Under Source Server, select the system type or platform which you are migrating from the System type drop-down menu, enter any additional server details required and then click Next.  



    NOTE: If you are an existing iiNet Business Pro customer please select “iiNet Zimbra”. If you are unsure of your existing mail platform please speak with your I.T. administrator or contact iiNet Hosting on 1300 378 638.

  5. The portal will display information on which items it is able to migrate. This depends on your existing system type (e.g. IMAP and POP can only migrate emails). Click Next to continue or Previous to change your system type.
  6. Specify the source and destination information for each mailbox you wish to migrate. In most cases, the source and destination email address will be the same. You can enter up to 50 different mailbox details here. Click Next.

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure you have created your Hosted Exchange mailboxes via the Hosting Control Panel before attempting a migration.

  7. Click Next to test that the mailboxes can be migrated. You may be prompted to answer a simple mathematical equation as a security measure. Please answer correctly and then click Initiate trial migration.
  8. These tests may take some time. You can leave the migrations running in the background or even log out and check back later. The status will change to “Ready for migration!” when the tests have been completed successfully. Click Next.
  9. Configure forwarding and make any necessary DNS changes before clicking Next.
  10. Click Next again to commence the full migration of your mailboxes.
  11. Migration may take anywhere from a few minutes to a full day to complete, depending on the size of the mailbox. You can close the Migration Portal and check back later; your migrations will keep running in the background. You will be emailed in the unlikely event that the migration fails or further action is required.
  12. The status will update to say “Migrated!” when the migrations have been completed.

Migrating new emails that arrived during your migration

Depending on the size and contents of your mailboxes, migrations can sometimes take a long time to complete; during this time some mail may still delivered to your old mailbox. MigrationWiz allows you to migrate any remaining new items from your old mailbox.

  1. In the Mailbox Migration Portal, click on My Migrations in the top right.
  2. Cick the plus symbol (+) beside the migration you wish to re-run.