Hosted Lync Setup Voicemail with Hosted Exchange 2

This article will show you how to set up your Voicemail from your Lync client with Hosted Exchange 2.

If you have a Hosted Exchange 1 account, please see Voicemail Setup for Hosted Exchange 1.

Setting Up Voicemail with Hosted Exchange 2

  1. Open your Lync Client and click the Dialpad icon.  


  2. Click the down arrow next to the Voicemail icon.


  3. Click Change Greetings to call the voicemail server and set up your voicemail greeting. You'll be asked for your Voicemail PIN.

    Please note: If you don't know your voicemail PIN, please see Changing your Voicemail PIN.


  4. Alternatively, click Set Up Voice Mail to be taken to the Outlook Web App, and Sign in with your iiNet Hosted Exchange email address and password.
  5. Below "greetings", click Call me to play or record the selected greeting to set up your voicemail.  



If you have any problems with the use of your Voicemail, please see Troubleshooting Voicemail Setup.