Hosted Exchange Migration FAQ

How can I view a full list of my Hosted Exchange email addresses?

  1. Log into the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Ensure your Hosted Exchange subscription is selected by choosing it from the Subscription drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the Exchange tab to display your Hosted Exchange emails.

How do I retrieve the passwords for each of my Hosted Exchange email addresses?

Passwords can’t be retrieved, but you can reset them for individual users by following the steps here.

How do I export a copy of my mailbox from iiNet’s Exchange Server?

You can export a copy of your mailbox by following our helpful guides below:

Please note: If you have a large amount of data or multiple mailboxes, you may wish to investigate a bulk migration tool such as BitTitan’s MigrationWiz or those available through Microsoft Office 365.

I only use Online Web Mail (OWA), how can I obtain a copy of my mail, contacts, and calendars?

iiNet’s Exchange Online Web Mail (OWA) doesn’t contain export functionality. You will need to add your account to an email client such as Outlook, Mac Mail or Thunderbird using the guides here.  

Can I be provided with a full backup copy to download directly from iiNet/Westnet?

Our server administrators are unable to export a copy of your data directly from the server, it can only be retrieved using one of the methods detailed above.

I’m using a bulk migration tool; can I create an administrative account that will allow access to the migration client without needing to enter individual usernames & passwords?

We’re not able to provide this function, but should you need help resetting user passwords for migration please follow the steps outlined here.


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