Determining your DNS Provider

To find who hosts your DNS records, you can perform a Whois lookup using the links below. When a result is returned, check the Name Server fields.

  • For Australian Domain Names ending with .au, use auDA Whois lookup:
    auDA Whois lookup example
  • For International Domain Names ending .com, .net, or .org etc., use ICANN Lookup:
    ICANN Lookup example

Understanding your Whois results

If the Whois result contains references to or, your DNS is hosted with us and can be managed via your Hosting Control panel:

For more information, see our Hosting Control panel FAQ.

If the Whois result does not reference iiNet or Westnet, you may be able to locate the contact details for your DNS provider by pasting a name server into a search engine. Use a query like ‘Who hosts ‘’ for the best result.

If you need help, please call our Domains and Hosting team on 1300 378 638.


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