Creating a Hosted Exchange mailbox

For instructions on importing multiple mailboxes at once, please see these instructions.

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Ensure your Hosted Exchange subscription is selected by choosing it from the Subscription drop-down menu at the top right of screen.
    Hosted Exchange mailbox subscription
  3. Click the Add New Mailbox link under the Exchange heading. 
    Hosted Exchange add new mailbox
  4. If available, select the New Service User option and click Next.

    Otherwise, select the Existing Service User option to add Exchange email services to an existing user.

    Hosted Exchange new user
  5. Enter a Display name, Email (To Sign In) and Password, then click Next.

    If you have multiple domain names, please ensure you select the correct one from the drop-down menu provided.

    Hosted Exchange mailbox
  6. Select your desired mailbox template and click Next. For more details on the difference between Hosted Exchange mailbox types, please visit our website.
    Hosted Exchange mailbox template
  7. Review the details of the new mailbox and then click Finish.

    If you need to change any details, you can click Back to do so.

    Hosted Exchange mailbox summary

    Please allow a few minutes for your mailbox to be created. You can check that the mailbox has been created by clicking on the Display name and observing the status.

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