Changing your Hosted Exchange DNS Records to an External Provider

Please note: You must be using iiNet or Westnet as your DNS host for this to be effective. To confirm your DNS provider, follow the steps in Determining your DNS Provider.

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Under the Domains section, click Hosted Domains.
    Hosting Control Panel - Hosted Domains
  3. Click the domain you wish to modify.
    Hosting Control Panel - Domain selection
  4. Select the DNS tab.
    Hosting Control Panel - DNS
  5. Click DNS Records
    ​ Hosting Control Panel - DNS Records
  6. If the DNS Records tab isn’t available and the following message is displayed, the DNS for your domain is managed by an external provider. If you are not sure who this is, please follow the steps in Determining your DNS Provider or call our Domains and Hosting team on 1300 378 638 for assistance.
    External provider example
  7. In the DNS zone, you'll see the three Hosted Exchange DNS records:

    - MX
    - CNAME
    - TXT
    ​ Hosting Control Panel - DNS Records example
    These are created automatically and as such can’t be deleted or modified. When you are ready to switch to your new email provider, you can disable them. This is done by clicking on the record (the red link) and selecting Deactivate Record.
    Please note: You will need to confirm you have created your mailboxes with the new provider and have either added or be ready to add your new DNS records before making this modification.
    ​Hosting Control Panel - Deactivate Record
  8. Add the new DNS records by selecting from the DNS Record Type drop-down menu.

    MX Record
    - Leave the Mail domain field blank. (If your provider mentions entering ‘@’ also leave the field blank, the record will still create correctly).
    - Under Preference select the number required or use Custom to enter it manually.
    - Enter the record for the new provider in the Mail exchanger field.
    - In most cases the TTL can be left as default. If your provider recommends changing it, select Custom and enter the number required.
    - Click Finish to save.
    ​Hosting Control Panel - MX Record
    TXT Record
    - Unless specified by the email provider, leave the Domain field blank. If they have specified an entry, such as ‘’ you only need to enter the data before the first dot, your domain name will be automatically added to the end of the record.
    - Enter the required record in the Data field. If the suggested entry is surrounded by quotation marks, remove them first as our system adds them automatically.
    - Click Finish to save.
    ​Hosting Control Panel - TXT Record
    CNAME Record
    - Enter the first part of the record (without your domain name) in the Domain field.
    - Enter the remainder of the record in the Canonical Name field. All entries in this field must finish with a dot (full stop), e.g. "" should be entered as "".
    - Click Finish to save.
    ​Hosting Control Panel - CNAME Record

For assistance with creating or modifying DNS records, please contact our Domains and Hosting team on 1300 378 638.

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