Business Voice Group Administrator and Users configuration

Group Administrator

Group Administrators are able to log in Toolbox to view and configure each individual user of the Business Voice Group. Using Toolbox, they are also able to create Hunt Groups, Auto Attendants and access the Voice Portal.

The Group Administrator can configure the features and settings of each User within the Group. These are settings such as Call Waiting, Call Forward Busy and Do Not Disturb. They are also able to configure the Outbound Call Features available to each user.

To help control the cost of Business Voice, iiNet allows the Group Administrator to select the type of calls that are allowed from each user. The options for each user are:

  • Open - all calls can be made
  • Local - only local calls can be made
  • International
  • National not including mobile - can call local, 1300, and standard national numbers but not mobile or International.
  • National including mobile - can call local, 1300, standard national and mobile.

The Group Administrator can configure the voice mail options for each User within the Group. This includes how many seconds a phone will ring before the voice mail system handles the call, whether voice mail is on or off, the PIN for voice mail access, and whether to forward the voice mail message to an email address of your choice.

Each User of iiNet's Business Voice service will be able to log in to Toolbox to configure their individual handset and Business Voice service.

After logging in to Toolbox as a User, you are presented with this user's Extension number, direct phone number and the type of handset associated with this user. You have two options available: Configure Features and Voice mail Centre. To see an explanation of each feature, hover your mouse over the red underlined text and read the pop-up message.

The most popular option is Call Forward No Answer. This means that when an incoming call is not answered, the call will be redirected to a different number. An example here is inputting your mobile number so that calls received during lunch or in a meeting are forwarded to your mobile phone.

Tip: When inputting a number in the 'Forward to' field, remember to put an extra '0' in front of the number, as if you were dialing directly from the handset. To forward to a mobile, you would enter '0040XXXXXXX'.