Adam Internet Legacy Settings

Adam Modem Router & DNS Settings

Encapsulation: PPPoE LLC
Authentication: CHAP
VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Username: Your Adam username e.g.
Password: Your Adam password
Primary Address:
Secondary Address:

Webmail: Please note that customers who have been brought across to iiNet will need to log in to iiNet Webmail with their password and full email address, including the "" domain.

The settings below will help you configure an Adam email address in a third party email client.

Username: Your Adam username (without
Password: Your Adam password
POP3/IMAP (Incoming) mail server:
POP3 Port Number: 110
IMAP Port Number: 143
SMTP (Outgoing) mail server:
SMTP Port Number: 25
Ensure that Secure Password Authentication is not enabled.
SP Code (APN): 444A1
SPLNS Code: splns444A1
Username: your AdamTalk phone number (e.g. 08xxxxxxxx)
Password: your VoIP password
SIP Server/SIP Proxy/Outbound Proxy:
SIP Port: 5060
PTime/RTP Packet Size: 20 ms
Phone Number: your AdamTalk phone number (e.g. 08xxxxxxxx)
Preferred Codec: G711A
Register Expire Time: 360 seconds
Secondary PVC Settings
VPI / VCI: 9 / 89
Connection Type: IPoE or MER
NAT: Disabled
ATM Class: UBR
Accepted Frame Type: All
Filter Type: All
PVDI for Untagged Frames: 1
Generic Modem Settings for Fetch
DHCP Server: Enabled. If not, you'll need to manually assign an IP address on your Fetch set top box.
IGMP Snooping: Enabled
IGMP Proxy / Forwarding / Multicast: Enabled
Dialup Number*:

0198 333 008

Username: yourusername (without
Password: yourpassword
* Adam Internet cannot be responsible for any charges you may receive from dialling into our service. Please contact your telephone provider and check the call charges.
FTP Address:
Username: yourusername (without
Password: yourpassword
Server Address:

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